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Freemasonry means different things to each individual - making new friends, contributing to society, celebrating a long tradition, experiencing personal growth, taking up a hobby, and having fun. If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and chat to us, we'd be delighted to take your call

The origin of Freemasonry is unclear, but it is generally believed to go back to the very ancient stone masons who were employed to construct buildings including churches and cathedrals. During the construction of a large project which may take many months or even years, the masons would be housed in a lodge near to their place of work where they ate, slept and received work assignments from the master of the work. Within the lodge, in order to maintain the reputation of the profession, and the stability and harmony of the workforce, the members would be encouraged in a moral code of professional ethics and personal conduct. In addition to this, they were also cautioned to keep their long and hard-earned "trade secrets" to themselves and in this sense they became like what we would today consider a professional body of standards. Itinerant masons, when seeking work in an operative lodge found it useful to devise confidential modes of recognition so they could seek out fellow members of the craft at roadside hostelries for safety, and to establish their credentials as a true professional and not an unqualified imposter.

Although Freemasonry as we know it now accepts people from all trades and walks of life, many of these original concepts such as morals, ethics and a sense of fraternity are very much an integral part of Freemasonry today.

One of the first benefits you will experience upon becoming a Freemason is an immediate expansion of your social circle to include other like-minded men, and often their families too. In time, this circle will expand and you will appreciate that you are part of a fraternity with friends not only from your own lodge, but all over the country and indeed all over the whole world!

At the Forest of Knaresborough Lodge, there are ten "regular" meetings which take place on the 3rd Friday of every month except July & August. Attendance is strongly encouraged, however we do operate on a principle of "family first, then work, then Freemasonry" and we do understand that people today live busy family and work lives - although we do always appreciate a certain level of commitment. Each meeting is followed by a hearty meal in the lodge building where there is also a bar, and you can expect some good banter, jokes and even some singing.

Outside of the regular meetings, there are occasionally ad-hoc social events, both in the daytime and evening, to which your family and friends can come along too and participate in the fun.

Charity is an absolutely fundamental part of what Freemasonry is about and you may wish to get yourself involved in various Freemasonry charitable fund raising events. Many of the charities which we raise money for are local to the area, although we also give to large charities and over the years, Freemasons have donated millions to international disasters and humanitarian crises. Freemasons are among the biggest charitable donors in the UK, said to be the second largest charitable donors after the National Lottery. As a member, if you know of any local charity close to your heart which is crying out for funds, we welcome proposals for fund raising for that charity.

Overall, you will hopefully enjoy and appreciate the aim of Freemasonry of making good men better. Our principles, which go back to the original ancient stone masons lodges described above are based around integrity, kindness, honesty, fairness and tolerance. There are approximately 200 thousand Freemasons in the UK and millions worldwide!

Our members will tell you that being a Freemason is a wonderful experience. You will meet new friends, learn new things, and contribute in a valuable way to society. We would love you to come and find out more - just fill in the contact form on this website or simply pick up the phone and have an informal chat with one of our members.

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